LUNCH CLUB  We ask parents to provide a packed lunch for their child on their full day. Please label this clearly with their name. Please remember we are a NUT FREE school and refer to our leaflet PACKING A HEALTHY LUNCHBOX for guidelines on suitable items to include.
PAYMENT If your child attends for 15 hours per week there is a small charge for the lunch club as it is an additional hour of childcare. The charge is subsidised to keep costs low as possible. Payments are made via the ParentPay online system. This is not payable if your child attends for 30 hours
Ask the office staff for more information. 
ANY CONCERNS about your child’s mealtime will be brought to you immediately – assume that no news is good news and if you don’t hear otherwise, that your child is developing their new mealtime skills and loving their experience! You will get feedback on their progress at your parent consultation meeting.


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For more detailed information regarding the LUNCH CLUB please click on our POWERPOINT slideshow HERE