Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to attend New Bridge Nursery School?

There is no cost as New Bridge offers the 15 hours of free government funded education. The only cost is for the extra hour of childcare on their full day.  Currently £4.25. It means your child has 16 hours of care & education.

Can my child do different days and hours to the 5 mornings and 5 afternoons plus one extra session which you offer for example 2 and a half days?

Sadly this is not being offered at the moment. To ensure quality, continuity and a consistent routine for your child we do not offer swapping and changing sessions. Caversham Nursery School can offer this level of flexibility for you if that is what you require. 

What is the format for the 30 hour sessions being offered by New Bridge?

Sessions are term time only from 9.00am until 3.00pm.  

Can my child do mornings/afternoons with you and the other part of the day elsewhere?

A number of our families use a childminder for part of the day when the child is not at New Bridge. We have good links with many local childminders. We do not recommend too many different settings for a child as they need consistency. However it is parental choice.

If my child starts and then we need to change the choice of sessions can we do this? e.g. change from a morning place to an afternoon?

This is not recommended as the children settle and become secure in their routines. An application has to be made to governors and under exceptional circumstances this can be done.  

My child has never left me before now. What if they are not ready for me to leave them at New Bridge?

We have a gentle transition and settling in process where the children have a home visit by their Key Person, then have a number of visits with their parent or carer before being gently supported to spend time away from parents. If your child is needing a little more time to settle, that is fine. The Key Person will discuss how this works best for your child.

We do not live in the catchment area, can my child attend?

Yes if we have places available after offering to all children within the catchment area first.

My child is two years old, can they attend New Bridge? 

Currently we do not take two year olds. If we have available spaces and all three year olds on our waiting list have been offered a place, we are able to take children the term before they turn three. This is known as a 'rising three' place.

My child has additional needs, can they come to New Bridge?

We accept that every child is unique and would hope to accept any child that wishes to attend New Bridge. We would meet with you and discuss whether we all feel that we can provide a positive and accessible experience for your child.

My child is still wearing nappies - is this a problem?

We are very happy for children to attend before being potty trained. This is a conversation you would have with the Key Person when they come and do the home visit. It is important that we work together and give clear and consistent support to your child during this developmental stage.

How can I register?

Please fill in and submit the registration form under the drop down menu Information/Admissions and Registration.  Our admissions secretary, Jackie Dalgleish will email you to invite you to call and make an appointment to look around the Nursery. 

What will happen when I look around the Nursery and how long will it take?

A Teacher will take you on a tour of the building and gardens.  Visits normally take around 20-30 minutes and we encourage you to bring your child. The teacher will explain what happens in each of the classrooms and will also let you know when you are likely to be offered a place. You will be able to ask any questions you may have as you go around.  







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