15 and 30 hours

All three and four year old children are entitled to attend a nursery setting for 15 hours. We also offer places to children of parents who qualify for 30 hours.

15hrs Free Funding  Your child will attend 5 mornings or 5 afternoons together with one extra session to make up the 15 hour entitlement. You can request morning or afternoon sessions, but not a combination, & they will be offered in date of birth order. This means that children stay for one full day per week*. If we cannot allocate your requested session you will have the opportunity to accept the alternative session or stay on our waiting list.

*On their full day, parents are asked to provide a packed lunch for their child. Please note there is a charge of £4.25 for the lunch club to cover the cost of the additional, non-funded staffing cost.

Session times are:-

Morning 9.00am - 11.30am

Afternoon 12.30pm - 3.00pm

Lunch is 11.30am-12.30pm

Should your child become entitled to the 30 hour funding mid-year they will need to swap groups and key worker.

30 hour Free Funding depending on eligibility   Parents must apply to HMRC direct for their 30 hour entitlement via their website click HERE. 

The  HMRC code is valid for 3 months. HMRC will need you to RECONFIRM every 3 months (they will notify you normally a month BEFORE your eligibility to date runs out).  You will need to log back in to your HMRC Childcare Account, and go to ‘SECURE MESSAGES’ then RECONFIRMATION’ section, should take 4 mins.  Your CODE will not change, but your eligibility to date will extend a further 3 months.

New Bridge offers the 30 hours on a full time basis; 9am - 3pm term time only.

There is no additional payment for the lunch hour because it is included in the funding for the 30 hour entitlement.

Our induction program enables children to have a smooth transition working towards their 15 or 30 hours. If your child is still unsettled at the end of their induction, we may advise that your child continues working towards their full hours. However, it is your entitlement and therefore your child can start their 15 or 30 hours straight away if you wish. 

Your child will be assigned to one key group, Sunshine or Rainbow, when they join New Bridge and attend their hours within the same key group and class

Extra Sessions  If you wish for your child to attend nursery above their 15 hour entitlement and you are not entitled to the government funding of 30 hours, you will be able to pay for the extra 15 hours.

Paid for extra sessions will be converted should your child become entitled to 30 hour funding mid-way through the year.



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