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We think your pre-school is the best school in Reading for the staff, structure, space, play-ground and teaching equipment.

Thank you so much for your kindness 

New bridge parent
skills after new bridge

I want to let staff know about a recent ‘party’ I attended.

The party was for an ex-New Bridge pupil, which included other children that have since left new Bridge and since September 2014 began their new schools in various areas around Reading.

When the children saw each other, they became so excited and wanted to play only with each other.

Their reunion was a delight. They played gently but excitedly with each other, all wanting to catch up with the playtime they have missed since September.

The parents on ‘play-dates’ with New Bridge children have noticed that the style of play is different; the children can work out their differences, and allow each other turns with little intervention from the adults.

It is because of the learning skills they have been taught at an early age by the wonderful and professional staff at New Bridge.

Thank you for all your hard work…

school transition

My child is going to school……..

I have twin boys who started school last year and a daughter who is starting in September. I remember feeling scared, worried and sad but also excited and apprehensive. I believe that everyone with young children now or in the past has experienced these feelings. They are normal and expected by nursery staff at New Bridge and by teachers at school. They are fully aware of what we and our children are going through. The transition system is so “child centred” that we really don’t have a lot to worry about. I found New Bridge extra efficient, informative and supportive during this process.

I would like to highlight a few points you will come across…

On the notice board at NB nursery you will find out which school every child has been allocated. I found it very helpful to see which of my boys’ friends were going to the same school. You can then chat with their parents and share your feelings, support each other and discuss issues such as uniforms, arrangements etc.  but also it was the biggest advantage for my boys on their “first day” at school. As soon as they saw their friends from New Bridge in the new class, they both said: ”Look Mummy…so and so are here, you CAN go now, bye!” and off they went without looking back once!

NB nursery will write a report about your child and pass it on to your child’s school teacher. The report will be shared and discussed with you.

A teacher from school will visit and observe your child at NB nursery and speak to your child’s Key person, which is a lovely touch. NB staff know your child SO well that this means all the important information about your child is passed on.

A member of staff from NB nursery will accompany all NB children during their school visit. I found that truly amazing because my boys weren’t very sure about the visit, were quite clingy to me and shy but as soon as Rachel from NB nursery appeared they felt reassured and it became a fun thing to do!

NB nursery will organize a morning/afternoon session for parents so you can ask any questions that spring to mind about the transition process. It is a very informal and relaxed time.

A school teacher will come and visit your home with a teaching assistant . From my own experience don’t expect your children to be on their best behaviour J. My boys were extremely shy, wouldn’t talk or even look at the teacher and were throwing toys around. The visit is actually FOR YOU, don’t be scared to ask questions. I asked about snacks, toilet and drinking regimes etc…I wrote my questions on a piece of paper prior to the visit.

This part I found extremely useful too! A member of NB staff suggested to prepare “my self” for the school during summer holidays, what they meant was: 

-- Go for a walk, scoot or cycle with your child via route you will take to school every day. It will give you an idea of journey time, foot paths, zebra crossings etc.

-- Dress and undress your child in his/her new uniform several times, encourage him/her to do it herself until they are reasonably competent.

-- Dress/undress her/him in PE uniform for the same reason, can they take it out of their PE bag? We used to have competitions, but I guess it is easier with twins J

--My personal recommendation is take pictures of your child’s “first school day” at home before you set off to school. It is more fun, more pleasure and one less thing to worry about and bother your child with when you arrive at school

When my boys first started school they were extremely tired and grumpy when I picked them up. Be prepared you will be the one on the receiving end of all their bad mood swings. Also they won’t tell you much about their day either, but don’t take it personallyJ, they truly don’t meant it. They love you unconditionally as you love them. Just breathe…

You will probably find that you will receive far less information from school compared to NB nursery, however you should be able to speak to your child’s teacher in the mornings or during pick up times if you want more information than is being offered. 

Overall, I found the transition process easier than expected thanks to the passion of NB nursery staff, their professionalism and organisational skills. You don’t really have much to worry about. Your child will be all right 

'Wonderful memories'

From one of our children’s mums, English is not her first language:

Thanks! It’s very painful for A .. to do adjustment  in different place. He was very happy… he loves this school .specially walking to school through river path.

He says, ‘I will miss everything, my friends and teacher and this place; I’m very happy’

Thanks for giving him wonderful memories. Thanks to whole team, Caroline, Lindsay Mandy, Terry, Sara, and Jacqueline and others as well as lunch team, if I forget anyone please excuse me. 

Big thanks and hug to you (Lisa) and Jackie - because of you I came here and felt New Bridge Nursery how wonderful is! 

Miss you. 

Regards,  A's Parents.

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We just wanted to thank you very much for your time and for the tour yesterday. It was great to see the nursery, kids and meet with Lisa. Wonderful place and we would be very happy and grateful for our son to join. 

Thank you so much

Prospective new child's parents