New Bridge Nursery School

Federated Nurseries

Caversham Nursery School and New Bridge Nursery School federated in 2013 and entered into a soft federation with Blagdon Nursery School in Whitley from April 2019. Joanne Budge became our Executive Head Teacher from then. The hard federation between the three Nursery Schools became effective from January 2020 and is known as the REYS Federation (Reading Early Years Schools)

Please visit the individual websites (links below) for more information.

Caversham also have a daycare facility if you are in need of flexible childcare options in this area.

Caversham Nursery School

Contact for more information 

Tel: 0118 937 5429

Blagdon Nursery School


Contact for more information


Tel: 0118 937 5425




Congratulations to our Federated 'sister' nursery, Caversham Nursery School Their 0-3s was awarded an Outstanding Ofsted report in December 2016 and their 3-5s in May 2017. Well done team!

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