New Bridge Nursery School


Our half day sessions are five days each week, either mornings or afternoons and we also offer 30 hour sessions for children whose parents are eligible for this - please click HERE for a link to the Department for Education's document that provides more information on the eligibility criteria.

Morning Session 9.00am - 11.30am
Afternoon Session 12.30pm - 3.00pm

Each child is given one additional session to make up their 15 hour entitlement. They therefore stay for one full day every week and parents/carers are asked to provide a packed lunch for their child. Please note there is currently a charge of £4.00 (rising to £4.25 on 1st April) to cover the cost of the extra hour of childcare on their full day. 

We have two mainstream classes, Sunshine and Rainbow.

Our curriculum is based on nationally accepted good practice; taking into account a child's natural stages of development. For more information see our Parents/EYFS Page.

We provide for our children's learning through:

Language and literacy


Understanding of the world

Physical and creative development.

Our curriculum provides the foundations of personal, social and emotional education with children's social development being a central feature. Progress is monitored through substantial observational records. Parent contributions to these are welcomed.

Children learn through play and exciting opportunities are planned to meet each child's needs. We remain flexible and open to the child's interest.

We have a broad curriculum with activities for both the inside and outside environment. We maintain good links with our local primary Schools.

"The nursery provides a model of excellence for other nurseries within the locality. Excellent relationships with local primary schools ensure a very smooth transition to Reception for all children" 

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